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KAmodRPi PwrRELAY - relay output module for Raspberry Pi3, Pi2, Pi+, Pi minicomputers

Relay output module for Raspberry Pi3, Pi2, Pi+, Pi minicomputers.

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KAmodRPiRELAY is a relay outputs module for Raspberry Pi 3Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi+ minicomputers. It is a universal functional expander for RaspberryPi and Raspberry Pi+ computers, equipped with two electromechanical relays and two transistor drivers (open-collector outputs) that buffer four GPIO lines enabling remote lighting control, switching on of heating and other tasks requiring remote access.


  • Compatibility with RaspberryPi 2, RaspberryPi + and Raspberry Pi computers
  • Four binary outputs, including:
    • Two relay outputs
    • Two transistor outputs
  • Output states monitored by LEDs
  • Extended I/O RPi minicomputer connector
  • Screw terminals ARK

Relay outputs:

  • Two SPDT outputs
  • Maximum switching voltage: 250VAC/30VDC
  • Maximum switching current (resistive load): 10A
  • Recommended maximum load currents: 5A/240VAC, 5A/28VDC

Transistor outputs:

  • Two open-collector lines
  • Output circuits protected by diodes attached to +5V
  • They can be used directly or to control two additional relays
  • Maximum output current:
    • 300mA/channel (when using one channel) or
    • 200mA/channel (when using two channels)

The expander is compatible also with RaspberryPi 2/RaspberryPi + minicomputers.

Kit content

  • Assembled module board