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KAmodRPi ADC_DAC - A/C and C/A converter module for Raspberry Pi3/Pi2/Pi+/Pi minicomputers (MCP3021, MCP4716)

A/C and C/A converter module for Raspberry Pi3, Raspberry Pi2, Raspberry Pi+ and Raspberry Pi minicomputers (MCP3021, MCP4716).

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KAmodRPi ADC_DAC is a A/C and C/A converter module for Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi 2, Raspberry Pi+ and Raspberry Pi minicomputers. It is a functional extension for RaspberryPi minicomputers providing the ability to convert A/C and C/A with a resolution of up to 10 bits.


  • Compatibility with Raspberry Pi3, Raspberry Pi2, Raspberry Pi + and Raspberry Pi minicomputers
  • Communication with the microprocessor system via the I2C interface (channel 0)
  • Resolution of processing A/C and C/A 10 bits
  • ADC transmitter with sample&hold MCP3021 chip (Microchip):
    • Frequency of conversion to 22.3 kHz
    • Output voltage range 0...3.3V/0...5V/0...10V (depending on the selected coefficient)
    • Built-in sample-and-hold system (Sample & Hold)
  • DAC converter with MCP4716 voltage output (Microchip):
    • Output voltage range 0... 3.3V
    • Time to set the voltage at the output 6 us 
    • Built-in EEPROM memory for data register and configuration
  • Extended I/O RPi connector computer
  • Operating voltage range 3.3...5.5VDC

The expander is compatible also with RaspberryPi+ minicomputers.

Kit content

  • Assembled module board