MAXimator PROMO with Expander shield and Kamami USB-Blaster

Promo set includes MAXimator (Altera MAX10 FPGA Evaluation Board), MAXimator Expander and Kamami USB-Blaster

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The heart of the MAXimator board is MAX10 FPGA supported by free Altera Quartus Prime.

The MAXimator starter board set includes all you need for rapid FPGA development: the starter board with MAX10 FPGA, USB programmer (USB Blaster compatible) and multi-function shield (for free with the first 600 sets).

The MAXimator board is easy to expand with Arudino Uno R3 style connectors and free IP core libraries from Altera, available as a part of Quartus Prime software.


► Altera MAX10 FPGA, 10M08DAF256C8GES

  •  8000 logic elements (LE)
  •  378kb M9K embedded memory
  •  1376kb (172kB) user Flash memory
  •  Built-in configuration Flash memory
  •  Built-in clocking circuit
  •  Analog-to-digital (ADC) converter, 1 million samples per second (MSPS), 12-bit
  •  24 embedded multiplier blocks
  •  2 built-in PLLs (Phase-locked loops)
  •  On-chip temperature sensor
  •  LVDS interfaces

► Arduino Uno Rev 3 connectors (5V)
► 5 ADC channels (12-bit, 1MSPS), overvoltage protection (Input voltage 0…+2.5V)
► HDMI interface (CEC, DDC)
► VGA video interface
► 10MHz crystal external generator
► 4 user LEDs
► Power LED, configuration LED
► Analog potentiometer
► MicroSD memory card slot
► UART to USB converter connector
► Altera Enpirion PowerSoC regulators
► Global reset button
► Powered from USB cable (protected by polymer fuse) or external 5V source
► JTAG header for external USB-Blaster download cable

MAXimator PROMO set includes