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  • Banana Pi M2+

    Banana Pi M2+

    New Banana Pi with Quad-core H3 SoC

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    Discovery with microcontroller STM32L0 and e-paper display (e-link)...

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    STM32 Nucleo development board for STM32 F0 series on Youtube

 Arduino Uno bootloader reconstruction
 How to control LED diodes using Arduino Uno
 Loading bootloader to Arduino Uno
 Assembled circuit with Arduino and humidity and temperature sensors DHT11 or DHT22

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Segger J-Link EDU with license for Flash Breakpoints

0018876_segger_j_link_edu_jtagswd_debuggerSegger J-Link EDU available in our store is a JTAG/SWD Emulator with USB interface intended for educational use. The offer includes a license for Flash Breakpoints with only one limitation – namely that it is used for educational purpose and … Continue reading

Analog Discovery 2 – a hand-held USB oscilloscope and multi-function instrument

analog-discovery-2-410-321-edu-oferta-akademickaA new version of Digilent Analog Discovery USB oscilloscope and multi-function instrument is available in our store. Analog Discovery 2 allows you to measure, visualize, generate, record, and control mixed-signal circuits of all kinds. It is small enough to fit … Continue reading

Raspberry Pi 3 – the third generation Raspberry Pi

913xyu1vtjl-_sl1500_The Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, the third generation Raspberry Pi, is available in our store together with a broad range of accessories. Compared to its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, it has a more powerful Quad Core … Continue reading